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Real Estate Management.

Real Estate Management.

Real Estate Participations in Israel Ltd. ("REP"), founded in 1968, is a privately held asset management company providing total management services in Israel. As a leader and veteran company in its field, REP manages approximately 160 yielding assets located across the country, including office buildings, commercial centers, logistic parks, industrial complexes, parking lots, residential units and more. In addition, REP manages some 300 rented apartments, some of which are rent-regulated.

Currently, our rental management services encompass 420,000 square meters of real estate and we supply maintenance management services for an additional 730,000 square meters. The market value of our managed assets is estimated at billions of shekels. REP is proud to note that it maintains constant and high occupancy rates of 98% throughout the country and collection rates are also steady and average 99%.

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